St Stephens Church Woodlawn
St Stephens Church Woodlawn


The Church faces Vireo Avenue at the corner of East 238th Street; the Thrift Shop is two doors up 238th toward Martha Avenue. For a map of the immediate pocket option withdrawal neighborhood, please enter "439 East 238th Street" and "Bronx, NY" on the Mapquest search page; note that the red star for St. Stephen's is slightly misplaced, toward the Martha Avenue end of the block rather than at the corner of Vireo.


Metro North to Woodlawn Station. Cross Webster Avenue and climb the hill one block to Vireo Avenue, turn right.

#2 subway to 233rd St station or Nereid Av/238th St station. The 233rd St station is further but features an elevator. Walking time from the two stations is ca. 20 minutes and ca. 12 minutes respectively. Walk west across the bridge over the Bronx River and Bronx River Parkway; cross Webster Avenue. On 233rd, climb pocket option download for windows 10 the hill two blocks to Vireo Avenue, turn right. On Nereid/238th, climb the hill one block to Vireo, turn left.

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439 East 238th Street

Bronx, 10470

Phone: 1-718-324-5427


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St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Woodlawn, The Bronx, New York