St Stephens Church Woodlawn
St Stephens Church Woodlawn

Summer brought changes to Woodlawn. The thrift shop was painted and the church is now air-conditioned. We look good and feel great. Thank you Fr. Carey.#

Felicitations to Fr. LeSeur on his birthday,September 8. We wish him all the best in his travels to Webster Avenue, City Island and the Harvard club.#

Our Blessing of the Animals took place on the lawn next to the statue of St. Francis on October 1st. There were a lot of over enthusiastic  dogs and some decidedly worried cats and about pocketoption 40 of their people. It was streamed live on Instagram, (thanks Kerry). Her cat, Baby, also visited for coffee hour.#

The undercroft drew about 50 neighbors for a senior luncheon on October 21st. Good food and conversation was had by all. Thanks to our Greer fund. Jack Hart, manager of our famed Thrift Shop, and Fr.Peter Carey attended the 35th anniversary, on October 26th, of the Holy Apostles soup kitchen which is located in the the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. For 35 years they have provided delicious and healthy food for those in need. They have never missed a single day. Congratulations to Holy Apostles for a job well done.#

Jennifer Lee (Warden) and Barbara Lauterbach (vestry) attended the safe church training at Good Shepherd in Wakefield all October 4. They are now certified as is our Fr. Brown and Richard Gatjens (vestry). Father Brown and Richard are also certified in anti-racism training. Richard serves on the diocese anti-racism committee and has written several articles for the Episcopal New York. His latest entry is entitled 'Embrace Every Glowing Soul' and was published last summer (2017), page 38.#

Father Brown and Richard represented St. Stephen's at the diocesan convention at the Cathedral on November 11. They both continue to do us proud.#

The Christmas fair, in the undercroft  on November 18th welcomed old friends that shopped for Christmas. Many enjoyed their annual Christmas hotdog. We also welcomed new friends brought in by a craigslist ad, Facebook and Instagram - thank you Briana, Dolores,Joanne, Kerry and Rihanna. At our annual vestry meeting on November 19th, in thanksgiving for Fr. Carey's 25 years of faithful friendship, we voted to give him the title 'Vicar Emeritus'. Fr. Carey never ceases to astound us by his generosity and good will to all.  Happy Birthday, Fr. Carey (Dec. 14).#

Bishop Shin‘s visitation to St.Stephen's is scheduled for Dec. 10th at 11AM. We will celebrate Regina Martinez's First Holy Communion and Confirmation. We invite you to participate, meet Bishop Shin and wish Regina well.#

Christmas Eve Mass will be held at 7PM. On Christmas Day there will be an 8 AM morning prayer and an 11 AM Mass.#

We thank the people that make all this possible: Armando, Barbara, Brianna, Dolores, Eddie, Fran, Heddy, Jack, Jennifer, Jim, Linda, Lilly, Mace, Mora, Richard, Rita, our thrift shop volunteers, Wanda and family and friends.#

We wish Fr. David Brown, Happy Birthday, Dec. 25th. Fr. Brown serves our parish well. Once a month he drives Jack to Mercedes Fieulleteau's home In New Jersey for evening prayer and Holy Communion. Fr. Brown is a good shepherd and pocket option copy trading so say all of us grateful sheep.#

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